When technology meets fashion!

What is Style- Eyes?
Basically it’s a technical app targeted at young woman who are creeping on Facebook or flicking through a magazine and see a gorgeous dress or shoes – snap a photo of the product pop it into style-eyes and then similar products will appear from top retailers!! 

Style-Eyes is a new fashion app developed and refined by researchers in the CLARITY Centre for Sensor Web Technologies, a collaborative research institute between DCU & UCD, which focuses on the development of sensor web technologies.
The idea was inspired by a group of researchers with a very simple question. Could we use image recognition technology to find Audrey Hepburn’s iconic look in her role as Holly Go Lightly in the hit movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s” ..but…we wanted to see if we could ‘Get that Look’ from today’s highstreet stores, almost 50 years after the film was released!
The result of this question was Style-Eyes.

Style-Eyes is a clever little app that lets you ‘Get the Look’. Imagine you’re reading  your favourite fashion magazine and see a picture of Kate Middleton’s new heels and want something like it, simply take out Style-Eyes, snap a picture of it and Style-Eyes will search through 100s of leading UK & US highstreet retailers to find similar dresses, shoes or handbags at a budget that suits you.
The app uses image recognition technology. Image recognition is the process of  training a machine to act in the same way your eyes do. It is taught to recognise different objects, for example “this a shoe and this is a dress”. This is done by feeding the machine 1000s of images of dresses and bags and over time it begins to recognise differences between the objects, and then ultimately can recognise one type of dress over another based on its features and dimensions.
A very early trial version was released to UCD students and researchers with the purpose of generating feedback, which brings Style-Eyes to a now publicly available app which includes dresses, shoes, handbags and skirts from 100s of different highstreet stores.

The Style-Eyes app is now publicly available and free to download on iOS & Android 🙂

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