Well I have been following all of the latest updates on the Xfactor 2014 and I am very excited. But then again I always am and when it starts.

At the end of each series then I’ll say “I am never watching it again” but yet again here I am looking forward to the new series…I am hoping this year will be a good one!
In the lead up to the show hitting our TV screens, Mel B and Cheryl seem to be hitting it off pretty well which is not always what we would want to hear, there is nothing like a bit of girly drama to keep us glued to the TV!
I will definitely be looking forward to the fashion side of things between the two ladies and looking at pictures so far I hate to say it but in my opinion Mel B is winning in the outfit choices.
***Spoiler Alert***
This year they have revealed the judges categories very early too leaving very little surprises for the upcoming series, ( if you don’t already know and don’t want to know then stop reading now) Cheryl has the girls, Mel B has the overs, Simon has the boys and our very own little leprechaun Louis has the groups.
This is the third time Cheryl has had the girls which personally I think is always a very strong category. I hope that it is as good as they are saying its going to be and lives up to the hype or I’ll be finding alternative TV time when its on. 
Here’s Hoping!!
Natalie x

Sources: hiltzoneonline.com, Lifestyle.ie

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