The VMA’s 2014 lowdown!

So who is excited to watch the VMA’s?!! 
I sure am from what I have seen so far it looks fantastic from Katy Perry and Riff Raff’s questionable outfit to Miley Cyrus winning an award, not to mention Beyonce’s amazing 20 minute performance and being on stage with both Blue Ivy and Jay-Z after such a controversial year!
The night seemed to go off without a hitch and as usual brought about its fair share of surprise on and off the Red Carpet!

So first up on the red carpet, I am seriously questioning Kim Kardashian –West outfit choice. This to me seems a bit like a cover up for a bikini rather than something to wear to an awards night. Kendall and Kylie however I certainly cannot fault.

Then came Jennifer Lopez, OK Jennifer we get it you have an amazing figure but this was all bit too much for me !! Having said that I suppose if you’ve got it flaunt it?? Just seems a bit old fashioned.
Another of my not so favourite outfits on the night is Iggy Azalea’s dress, just not very flattering for such a  pretty girl. 
So it seems Katy Perry and Riff Raff came in Fancy dress as Justin and Britney!! What is going on? I’m a big fan of Katy but how did they get it so wrong!
So from all accounts it seemed like a great night and I am certainly looking forward to hearing what ‘Jesse’, (the young homeless youth that Miley Cyrus had accepting her reward) had to say….eh what?. 
Tweeting the mysterious date on her way to the awards everyone was questioning who was this Jesse and then all was revealed. 
From being hated upon last year because of her performance the singer can definitely walk away with an award and her head held high!! Go Miley!
Natalie x
Picture Source: mtv,,,eonline,

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