Harvey Nichols Environ facial review!

As a researcher for TheBeautyDial I sometimes get to do the nice things like, try out a new product or maybe go to a launch & enjoy some champagne & nibbles while learning about the latest new product or new fashion collection. Last month, I was delighted when I was invited along to Harvey Nichols Dublin to try out the latest sensation in skin care “Environ”.  

The invitation did say to allow 90 minutes for the skin analysis & facial but I assumed I would be part of a group & would spend a lot of the time hanging around & waiting to get my turn.  How wrong was I?
Environ is the latest from The International Institute for Anti- Ageing (IIAA) with an innovative approach to skincare which works both inside & out using skin analysis ,skin supplements & advanced skincare.  I was particularly interested when I realised Environ was developed by a plastic surgeon from South Africa Dr Des Fernandes whose everyday job showed the damage done to the skin by the sun & the ozone layer & the increasing incidence of cancer & he wanted to do something about it.  
I was met at the Beyond Beauty counter by a very young & very beautiful girl called Michelle.  She went through things step by step & made sure I knew what I was letting myself in for.  First there was the skin analysis which was very revealing & she explained in detail how our skin is affected by our diet, the weather & what we put on our skin.  It seemed to make perfect sense & then she proceeded with the most beautiful facial that I received in a very long time. 
 She was a very confident beautician & seemed to have knowledge way beyond her years.  I benefited from a full hour long facial & felt like I had new baby skin. 
I asked her about the products that suited me & she told me she was giving me a starter pack to take away & I could make up my mind after trying out the items.  She definitely was not forcing me to purchase anything. 
 I then decided I would take the Vitamin A capsules & the sun cream & work with the starter pack. She advised me that if I’m happy with the products I should go back in six weeks for some of the other items & she would give me another facial.  The two items I purchased cost €66 which I feel was well worth it. 
Three weeks have passed & I love the products especially the eye cream.  I can’t wait to go back for another facial as I really feel I benefited from it & it was a very easy regime to follow. 

Kay xxx 

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