Fire & Ice at Allure!!

Fire & Ice yes the name of an amazing facial provided by my favourite beauticians in Dublin, Allure Beauty Swords. The owner of Allure Nicky Judge Jordan kindly invited me to try out this amazing facial/peel which they provide. I had heard raving reviews from my favourite magazines and hearing some of my favourite celebs love this facial made me very excited about my next visit to the salon.

So firstly as always I had to do a little bit of research about this facial, as the thoughts of hot & cold i.e fire & ice was a little scary to think on my face, so off I set onto google to see what it was all about. The facial is an intensive medi-facial which was clinically formulated and is designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin i.e getting down into the five skin layers, reducing fine lines, addresses problematic skin, encourages cellular renewal and makes skin RED CARPET READY. The reviews on the internet were amazing which was making me even more excited. My skin has been very dry lately, I work long shifts including night and day and sometimes really feel the effects of a long day not only on my body but my face as well. In recent months I have tried a few different facials but have had very little results from these so I was looking forward to seeing the effects of the fire & ice.
As always I was greeted by a smile in Allure and the gorgeous Sinead was going to be carrying out my facial. I was brought into one of their therapy rooms which had lovely candles burning and nice soft music on. I relaxed onto the therapy bed and Sinead began my facial talking me through each step while allowing me to relax and rest throughout.
Step 1: Is cleansing the face with the iS cleanser at this time Sinead assessed my skin informing me that it was very dry and worse in some areas.
Step 2: The fire part of the facial is applied which is a masque, my skin felt tingly in places and some places hotter than others which was just were my skin was more dried out. This stayed on for approx. 5minutes and at this time Sinead gave me a lovely neck and shoulder massage, I felt so relaxed and chilled out.
Step 3: Was the ice stage after the fire masque was removed this gorgeous cooling masque was applied which felt so refreshing, Sinead left the room and left the cooling masque on for 15minutes and in this time I feel asleep as I always do during a facial J J
Step 4: Moisturizer and lock in serum was then applied.
After the facial my skin was quite red but it started to reduce throughout the day and only took a few hours to go down, but the facial was so worth it my skin felt great afterwards and was glowing, I went out twice last weekend and my makeup was flawless over my new soft skin. Sinead advised that you can get the treatment every 4-6 weeks and that many brides are getting the facial for up to 6 months before their big day.
My verdict: I LOVED IT and will definitely be trying to get it done every 2-3 months if I can, priced at €80 and worth every penny. So go for it girls treat your skin to an upgrade.
Until next time,

Jacqui xx

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