X Factor Judges houses – Guest Judges revealed!

After the excitement of last weekend’s Xfactor we now have the first pictures of the judges houses but don’t worry there will be no spoilers as to who got through.

Firstly we have Louis who is joined by none other than former Xfactor judge Tulisa!! Louis and Tulisa will be judging the groups and I think this is a category that Louis will be good at. I personally was shocked to hear that Tulisa would be joining Louis but I look forward to seeing them on our screens.


Next up , we have Simon and of course comes with no surprise,  Sinitta who will be in LA, as we already know Simon has the over 25’s which seems to be a great category so far this year! ! At this stage Sinitta should just be a 5th member on the panel!
Then of course we have the lovely Cheryl who will have Tinnie Tempah with her in Nice!! These will be judging the girls which I have to say is a very strong category!

And finally we have Mel B who is bringing spice friend Emma Bunton to judge with her in Mexico (lucky ladies). They have the boys group another excellent category!  
This year there has been alot of auditions which really have been outstanding, including that of our very own Irish beauty Janet Grogan who we are backing and we hope she can make it all the way 🙂 Good Luck Janet x
Natalie x



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