Beauty Angel Facial Review!

Last week I visited the Beauty Regain Salon 33 Grand Parade, Cork, to try out the new  Beauty Angel Treatment. I was greeted by Mary who was so lovely and really knew her stuff when it came to beauty and beauty secrets. 

She initially went through a short questionnaire with me to establish what type of skin I have, my skin routine etc. before bringing me into the therapy room to talk me through and begin the treatment.
The Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology (ELT), is a natural and relaxing anti-ageing treatment. It gives clearer, plumper, looking skin, by boosting the skin’s own collagen process. The Beauty Angel ELT boosts Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluron production. It does this by delivering a broad spectrum of light at the same time (570-850nm), instead of selected wavelengths, this makes the light therapy rejuvenation much more effective. 
The Beauty Angel ELT treatment is different to any other  for a number of reasons: 
– Non invasive
– Gentle and relaxing with no healing time
– Stimulates the fibroblasts to promote collagen and elastin production
– Increases hydration levels
– Improves supply of oxygen to the skin

The treatment itself is very relaxing and my skin definitely felt rejuvenated and looked plumper immediately afterwards . This treatment is perfect to have on its own or with an existing treatment such as after a facial, and will definitely be one I will be getting again. I was so impressed with the results and the service I received.
Beauty Angel Prices at Beauty Regain:
Hands on double cleanse with the Angel facial  – €75
Follow on Course of 5 treatments – €120 ( normally €150)
Single Treatment – €38
See for further details or to make an appointment.

Edel xxx

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