Top Skincare Tips that will have your skin looking it’s best all year round!

As we approach the different seasons our skin changes to adapt to different weather/heat conditions so before you go trawling through the numerous products on offer take a look at these simple skincare tips that will have your skin looking flawless all year long!

Top skincare tips from professional Mary Coleman from Beauty Regain Salon on 33 Grand Parade, Cork
  • Cleanse as early as possible in the evening time so that your moisturizer is nourishing your skin, and not the pillowcase.
  • If you are exercising remove all makeup as the perspiration combining with makeup will congest the skin even further.
  • Immediately after exercise use Witch hazel to close down the pores thus reducing redness and congestion.
  • Use an SPF winter and summer, and always try to have a separate SPF to your moisturizer, your moisturizer is to condition the skin and your SPF is to protect the skin.
  • We service our boilers, cars even our lawnmowers but don't forget the skin needs to be serviced too in the way of a facial.
  • Your skin is your business card, mind it and it will serve you well!
See Beauty Regain website for further information or to book an appointment.
Edel xxx

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