Post Pregnancy Weight Loss!

Apart from being your possible nutrition coach, guide, mentor and motivator! I am also a mother of three young children, a 3 year old girl and twin boys born in April 2013. So I know a thing or two about running a busy household and understand how difficult it can be to eat healthily with little time on your hands and also try to ensure your children are being fed well too.
Food plays an important part in the general health of the family from keeping colds at bay to ensuring your children are set up to choose their food wisely later in life which in turn can prevent other major illnesses.

But we are always thinking of the family and what I have learnt most in the past year is that a happy and healthy mum makes for happy and probably healthier children!
Weight gain during pregnancy can vary widely but the easiest weight to shift is that which was put on by eating good food whilst pregnant. Don’t panic though as small steps can get you back in shape no matter what size you were or want to be – the main thing to allow yourself is time. Don’t stress about getting back into your old clothes in 6 weeks but also try not to hide in maternity clothes now that your bundle (s!) has arrived into the world!
I can also identify with the extreme tiredness that a new mother experiences so I have taken this into account in my top tips below along with the fact that nutrition and keeping yourself fed is so important whilst breastfeeding.
Top tips for a healthy and slimmer you post baby
  • Get outside! The buggy is extra weight to push which is a good thing! One 30 minute walk will do your body and head wonders, giving you extra energy. If someone can mind the baby in the evening then even better. Call a friend and get out between feeds.
  • Have a hot water and lemon every morning to cleanse and rehydrate your body.
  • It’s natural to crave sugar when you are tired so try not to drink caffeine and eat lots of cake or chocolate. If you cut down on the caffeine you may find you don’t need that biscuit each time the kettle boils. Choose something like a fruit salad with frozen yoghurt for dessert which will satisfy your need for something sweet.
  • Add nuts as a snack to your diet – there are so many good fats in nuts and they are a source of protein which is better than snacking on carbs.
  • Fish! Eat as much as you can. 2-3 portions a week. It is full of Omega 3 & 6 and very little fat. Choose salmon, tuna or another oily fish once a week if possible.
Sinead xxx
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