Personal Training – You get out what you put in!

So I’m 6 months into my Personal Training at Dennehy’s Health and Fitness Ballincollig, Cork and thought I’d give you an update on how things are going.

I have been training with Steve Barry ( Fitness & Nutrition writer for The Beauty Dial) and his colleague John Fenning for the last 6 months. On day one I told Steve I wanted to tone up, in particular around my stomach and arms, and to lose a bit of weight, just a few stubborn pounds. 

After my first assessment with Steve he told me how I should change my diet and commit to personal training 3 times a week. At the beginning I was very strict with myself followed Steve’s advice down to a tee, I cut out all sauces, junk food, fast food, drink etc only ate brown rice, pasta, lean meat etc and I have to say the results showed very very quickly (I lost almost 9 inches from my widest point in less than 2 months and felt fantastic) .
My commitment didn’t last that long as I love my food and realised I couldn’t ( or wouldn’t) be that strict on myself. I started to reintroduce some things back into my diet like sauces and the odd treat here and there. I decided I would allow myself to have sauces a few times a week and have a cheat day once a week. On the advice of Steve I also introduced an extra day in the gym to do some additional cardio to compensate and my results remained consistent.

Throughout the 6 months I went through spells of being very good and committing to the food and gym (and seeing great results) however there were some weeks that I completely fell off the wagon due to weddings, hens, birthdays, etc  

Over the course of the 6 months I had 3 personal training sessions a week, one day focusing on upper body, one day focusing on legs and the last day was total body workout. I have certainly become much stronger since the training and can lift weights now that I never thought I’d be able to lift.

I had a assessment every 6 weeks and as you can guess some assessments were very good and some not so good. I have just had my 6 months assessment and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by my results despite having a VERY bad few weeks when it comes to food and exercise (truth be known I tried to put off the assessment for a few weeks to give myself a chance to get back on track) .
Weight : Down 2.9kg
Body Fat: Down 5.5%
Widest point : down 8inches!!
Waist: Down 3 inches
Belly Button; Down 1 inch
Upper Chest: down 1.5 inches
Neck: Down 1inch
Thighs: Down 1.5 inches

Now I am 6 months and I have achieved my original goals which were to tone up and lose a bit of weight, now I am trying to maintain the results rather than lose anymore inches or weight and its seems to be working 🙂

I have to say I have really really enjoyed the personal training as having someone to push you and knowing that you have an assessment every 6 weeks is great motivation to keep you on track. Despite admitting that I haven’t entirely stuck to the plan that Steve gave me I have completely changed my routine when it comes to food and exercise. I am conscious of what I am eating, I try to limit the bad food i.e junk food and I actually enjoy going to the gym ( something I never thought Id say) 
I am just back from Bali after spending two fab weeks there eating and drinking all day every day with very little exercise, so I did take two weeks off and just enjoyed the food and drink however now I’m back and looking forward to getting back to the gym to get back shape before Christmas 🙂
And now a word from Steve…

It has been a pleasure training Edel over the last 6 months. As she mentioned, its not plain sailing – shes had good weeks and bad weeks. But thats life, its about being as consistent as possible. 
For me, the biggest achievement isn’t on the scales or how many inches Edel has lost (all this is an added bonus) Her attitude towards food and exercise has changed completely. While I know she still finds the sessions tough, she pushes herself and is always trying to do better. Eat smart, train hard and enjoy the results 🙂
I’m looking forward to working with Edel after Xmas in our 2nd (brand new) location in Douglas Village Shopping Centre. We’ve been working on developing this gym for the last year and are aiming to be open just before Xmas. If your in the Cork area and are looking for that kickstart (particularly after Xmas) give us a call on 0214289803 or check out Dennehys Health and Fitness | Ballincollig for info. 
Yours in fitness

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