Fitness & Nutrition: 10 tips to staying in shape over the holidays


With Christmas just around the corner I’ve spoken to loads of people who have told me how they are going to ‘go hard’ in January to lose the few pounds that they haven’t even put on yet over the holidays. Would it not be easier to try look after yourself over Christmas and the battle won’t be half as hard come January?!?

Don’t get me wrong, I would encourage people to enjoy the holidays, socialise, meet up with friends etc. Christmas is a brilliant time and should be enjoyed without worrying about putting on weight or falling out of shape. Below I’ve outlined a few measures to ensure you stay healthy over the holidays and to help make that war on holiday weight in January slightly easier.


1)      Exercise – your body and its natural functions couldn’t care less if its Christmas time or not, they still act the same way. Maintaining your exercise habits over the holidays will make it a lot easier to continue them in January. If you stop now and decide to wait until the New Year to begin again it will be a lot harder – trust me.




2)      Don’t skip meals – it is also very important to keep up your routine with regards food. Not eating all day because you are going out that night and want to ‘save calories’ is not the way to go. Alcohol provides empty calories and no nutritional value and your body will not thank you for it.




3)      Stay hydrated – it is very important to consume plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you are out drinking at night. Your body consists of 75% water and any decrease in this will have an adverse effect on its natural functions.




4)      Sleep – you do not have to go to every party every night. Your body grows and recovers while you sleep so ensure you get enough rest over the holidays.




5)      Everything in moderation – drinks, sweets, chocolate, pudding etc. Too many people take the attitude “ah I’ve had 1 now I might as well have 10”.




6)      Boost your immune system – cold weather, late nights, alcohol and poor nutrition can all place an added stress on your immune system. Supplement with a multi-vitamin and/or vitamin C to help boost your immune system and prevent yourself from becoming run-down and sick over the holidays.




7)      Relax – Christmas can be a very stressful time for a number of different reasons. Take some time to yourself, relax, and try to clear your head. If you have things on your mind – talk to somebody. You’re mental health is just as important as your physical health.




8)      Make smart choices – If out for lunch/dinner with friends make smart choices when it comes to what you eat. Replace the lasagne with a stir-fry, the burger with a salad etc. Make the best of the situations that you find yourself in.


9)      Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed – it is not the last supper!!


10)   Enjoy Yourself! – Christmas is a wonderful time. Don’t beat yourself up over having a slice of pudding or a glass of wine. Try to follow the above guidelines to help keep yourself in check but don’t leave them run your life! 


I hope you find these tips helpful. 





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