Wedding Nails Inspiration!

So ladies, with our fabulous new section wedding inspiration I posted some pictures last night of some nail inspiration for your special day. Just remember you want everything to be perfect down to the fine details and it will be so don’t panic:)
Your hands are an important piece of your day seeing as that promise you are making with your one and only will be bound by your wedding band, therefore your nails are an important part of your day.
I think for your wedding day keep your nails looking natural, make sure to keep your hands well moisturised in the weeks leading up to your big day especially if you are working in a job like myself whereby half your day is spent washing your hands. You also want to prevent your tan on your special day going wrong on your hands as after you make that promise between the photographer wanting pictures and people wanting a glimpse of the ring you want to make sure your hands are ready.
Most of these looks are very natural and some of them also have a hint of sparkle which will bounce of your fabulous new ring. Keep your nails in good condition prior to the day, moisturise regularly, use a nail strengthener like Sally Hensen and keep your nails natural i.e. if you normally have short nails keep them short or if you normally have long nails keep them long. Shellac and gelish are probably the two most common type of long lasting nail polishes that women use for their big day, although keeping in mind if you normally get nail extensions maybe think about getting them looking natural and minimalist for your big day.
It is also important when planning your nails to get a trial prior to your big day, it will be an excuse to get them done for your hen night away 🙂
Until next time,
Jacqui xo 

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