Why settle for anything less when you can have Gold!

Gold Fever Hair Extensions
International model Georgia Salpa and former Miss World Rosanna Davison are fronting a global campaign to launch Gold Fever Hair Extensions, the very latest in pure luxury from the Gold family.
Widely acclaimed as the original creators of hair extensions 25 years ago, the Gold Family have supplied premium ethically sourced hair to celebrities and stars all over the world including Whitney Houston, Lisa Marie Presley and many more.   
Irish fashionistas have been quick to join the Gold rush and glitterati also, including Roz Purcell, Holly Carpenter, Stephanie Roche and TV3’s Xpose presenter Lisa Cannon, to name but a few. 
The reason for this veritable Gold rush and excitement amongst hair extension devotees is that Gold Fever is completely unique in the industry. It is the only company in the world that has full ownership of its own supply chain, from sourcing to processing and delivery of the final product.
 Gold Fever has personal oversight of every aspect of the products creation allowing them to guarantee that their hair is the best ethically sourced hair on the planet. Available now from selected salons nationwide.

Edel xxx

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