TV3’s Laura Bermingham shares her Top Beauty Secrets with The Beauty Dial!

 The Beauty Secrets of…Beauty expert Laura Bermingham!

This week we caught up with the gorgeous and regular beauty expert on TV3 Laura Bermingham who shared her top beauty tips,  her fitness regime and her style icons!
What is the one beauty product you could not live without? 
Easy, Shiseido’s Sun Compact. It has an SPF 30, is a foundation in powder form so coverage is great with or without any other makeup. And when it gets warmer in Summer (or you’re under TV3’s studio lights) it is both water and sebum resistant. 
What’s your top beauty secret?
Exfoliate. Use either a peel or a scrub to lift away dull looking skin and make the skin super soft. I prefer a peel which dissolves away the dead skin cells with fruit acids from pineapple and passion fruit. Elemis make a lovely peel. 
What’s your top make-up tip?
Put a lot of consideration into your foundation. Whatever about getting the right colour the formulation must suit when you will wear it. There’s nothing worse than bad foundation so always research or get expert advice on counter. 
Do you wear fake tan? If so what’s your favourite?
I do wear it because I am paler in the colder months. I’m a fan of St Tropez mousse which develops into a great deep colour without any bad smells.
Who is your style icon?
I don’t really have one, I like the way Cate Blanchett dresses, and Victoria Beckham, I like fairly classic dressing. 
What’s is favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
I couldn’t possibly choose from the rather enormous amount of scarves I have, but it would be a scarf. 
How would you describe your style?
Haphazard. I work from home writing so then I wear layers of cosy clothes. Going out I’m more a trousers and jacket type, I’m tall so dresses can be awkward for fit, so I don’t bother 😉 
Do you exercise? If so how often?
I do, a lot of fast walking, some sit ups and stretching, I like it.
How do you like to relax?
Just chilling, listening to music with my husband. My teenage daughter is great company too, we do a lot together, hopefully that won’t change. 
What’s next for Laura Bermingham?
Well I write for the Mail on Sunday and, I film and report for Ireland AM and Xpose, plus I’m a brand ambassador for Lloyds Pharmacy this year so what’s next is a holiday I hope ;-)) 
Thanks Laura 🙂
Edel xxx

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