Top Tips for looking after your Great Lengths Hair Extensions!

So you’ve gone an invested in Great Lengths Hair Extensions and you are as happy as can be. In order to keep your hair looking this amazing you will need to care for your hair.  You have to mind your extensions and the more minding you give them the longer you will get out of them . Great Lengths Hair Extensions are meant to last 4-6 months but with a lot of loving care you could get from 6-7 months out of them. 
Cathriona Rohan specialises in Great Length Hair extensions and has over 27 years of experience in the industry. She is the owner ‘Cathriona’s Hair Salon’ based in Tralee and Castlegregory in Co. Kerry. 
Cathriona was launched into the spotlight on a national level when TV presenter and icon Miriam O’Callaghan chose Cathriona to apply the famous Great Lengths hair extensions for her and has since attracted customers who travel from all over the country for her services. 
As every girl knows a good hair day can make your day and likewise a bad hair day can ruin your day, so here are some of her top tips to make sure everyday is a good hair day.
  • Brush Brush Brush! It is vitally important that you brush your hair when you have hair extensions in. Start at the ends and work up until you reach the roots of your hair. Then brush right up against your scalp. Make sure to brush your hair well as this will keep the hair from knotting & tangling.

  • The easiest way to wash your hair extensions is in shower with your Great Length shampoo only. This is very important,  never use any others shampoo, as the Great Lengths shampoo keeps the hair perfectly clean and won’t erode the keratin bond. it’s ok to use different conditioner. 

  • When washing your hair,  do an up and down rubbing motion from forehead to nape of head, not from ear to ear so that you are not pulling on the bonds while washing .

  • Never put your conditioner on bonds, keep it for the ends of your hair.

  • When brushing out after shampoo use your Great Lengths brush and start on ends and work your way up to the roots (this brush is amazing, you’ll always use it even when you don’t have your Great Lengths anymore as it’s so nice on the head and brilliant for brushing your hair) 

  • Never leave your bonds wet .The reason is our own hair swells when it soaks in water during shampooing so the bond has to swell also to give way to hair otherwise the hair will become damaged .so because the bond has swollen to give way to hair if you don’t dry it after there’s a possibility it could slide of the hair.  Always dry your bonds with cool heat on your dryer. 

  • Don’t tie up you hair in a towel turban when hair is washed as this puts pressure on bond when it’s wet so pat hair dry and blast dry off the bonds

  • When blow drying and styling your hair, dry off your hair using your Great Lengths brush and style as you wish, don’t use a GHD or other heat on your bonds as they will melt them, so keep down  from bond when styling.

  • At night when your going to bed tie your hair in a low pony tail or bun so it’s not getting caught or tangled during the night.

  • Great news – Hair can be coloured when you have your Great Lengths in just make sure to go to a salon and avoid any home dyes. 
This may sound like a lot of work but it’s not, it’s just your every day regime but with a little TLC for your amazing great lengths that you have dreamed about .
Edel xxx

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