Tan Queen: Top Tanning Tips and Top Tanning Products!



1.  Make sure to do your shave 24hrs or wax 48hrs prior to tanning.  This is important as otherwise you have that speckled look as the tan blocks up open pores.

2. Ex-foliate skin in the days leading up to applying your tan. This helps remove old tan and any dead skin cells making sure you have a clean, smooth base to apply your tan. My favourite exfoliator is Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff or else the Tan Organic Erase exfoliator Glove

3. Read instructions ( as every tan is different). It is so important to read the instructions for each tanning brand as the application and prep work may differ. Some tans require you to moisturise first, others don’t so make sure to check. Also some tans have a longer development tan than others. If your in a hurry or just don’t like waiting for tan to develop, I’d suggest using a 1hr tan. The first of these on the market and my favourite is Cooca Brown 1hr dark tan.

Cocoa Brown 1hr Dark Tan

4. Use a good tanning mitt – A good tanning mitt helps keep your palms tan free and ensures a smooth and even tan application. I love the He-Shi tanning mitt as so soft on the skin and is machine washable.


5. Avoid eyebrows and hairline – using a cotton bud use some Vaseline or one of my favourite cult products Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream to go around your hairline and eyebrows to make sure the tan doesn’t take there.

 6. Pick the right colour for your skin tone.  Don’t pick a tan that is too dark for your skin tone. If you are very fair skinned, go for a fair or medium tan as opposed to a dark one. Some tans I would recommend to make sure your results are as natural as possible are listed below as they adapt to your own skin tone.

Top Image Liquid Tan
Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil
Karora Self Tanning Mist



7. Don’t forget to tan your face  – a tanned body and white face is not a good look. Some people are afraid to apply tan to their face however nowadays there are so many good face tans that’s there’s no excuse.  My top face tans are:

Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning Face
He-Shi – Tanning Balm


Lancome Flash Bronzer Face gel



8. To darken face, don’t layer tan instead use a good bronzer. Stay away from glittery bronzer’s, for a more natural look use a matte bronzer. One I’d highly recommend is the Benefit Hoola bronzer.


9. Use a gradual tan for a more subtle tan transformation. Some of my favourite gradual tans are below.

St Tropez Gradual Tan
Vita Liberata Gradual Self Tan lotion

10. To maintain tan and ensure an even fade,  gently pat skin dry after showers and make sure to moisturise skin daily.

Happy Tanning Beauts 
Edel xxx



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