Fitness & Nutrition: Healthy Banoffee Pie Recipe

Personal Trainer John Fenning is bringing us health alternatives to unhealthy foods!
This week..Healthy Banoffee Pie Recipe
This dessert is balanced with healthy carbs , fats and protein and is nutrient dense.
Banoffee Pie ( serves 2)
Ingredients :-
Dates x 7
Coconut milk (light ) x 3 tbsp.
Cold water
Unsalted cashews x 50 g
Gluten free oats x 30 g
Cinnamon x 1 tsp
Peanut butter (meridian )x 1 tsp
Fage 0% yogurt x 3 tbsp.
Banana protein (My Protein ) x 1 tbsp.
Fresh banana (med) x 2/3
85 %Dark chocolate x 1 square
Macros:- (per 1 dessert )
Calories 311.5 kcals
Carbs 30.2 g
Protein 16.1 g
Fats 15.5 g
(1) Caramel – Add dates to pot with 6 tbsp of water . Bring to the boil until dates are softened then add further 6 tbsp of water. Turn down to simmer for 5/10 mins . Transfer to blender add coconut milk and blend until smooth . Put in fridge once cool.
(2) Base- Blend cashews, oats and cinnamon together . Transfer to dish add peanut butter and 2 tbsp of water & mix well . Put mixture equally halved into your dessert glasses , press down to form base and add thinly sliced banana (1/3 to each ) on top of base pop into fridge to set for 10/ 15 mins .
(3) Topping – Mix fage and banana protein together until smooth , also grate your dark chocolate into a small bowl for decorating later .
(4) Assemble- Take dessert glasses out of fridge and equally divide caramel on top of banana and repeat with fage topping , sprinkle dark chocolate over the top and return to fridge for further 10 mins to finally set.
Enjoy clean treats –
John 🙂

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