The Hair Bar….A Hidden Gem!

As a Dublin gal who moved to Cork a few years ago I struggled to find a hairdressers in Cork that I liked and felt comfortable in so for years I have been travelling home and getting my hair done in Dublin.

Recently I discovered The Hair Bar in Douglas…A Hidden Gem!
I originally went in for a curly blow dry and left feeling like a million dollars. Orla (who is one of the nicest girls in hairdressing) is an absolute professional and is known for her amazing curly blow drys. Below is the after pic and I was delighted with the result.

I have been going back to the girls in The Hair Bar in Douglas ever since and feel right at home in there now. Ciara, the manager there, is also one of the most friendliest and most approachable hairdressers and the whole team are so good for honest opinions and professional advice.

Having got to know the girls I was chatting to them about my hair colour and advised I wasn’t happy with the copper tones that was going through my hair. I booked in to get my colour done the following week.

I discussed what I wanted with Orla and showed her a few pictures, I was looking for a warm chocolate brown colour that wasn’t too dark. After talking me through a few different colours and options, we settled on one and the result was exactly what I wanted. ( see pic below).

I am now recommending the girls in The Hair Bar in Douglas to everyone I know…I am so impressed…it really is a hidden gem 🙂
They also have a salon in Cook Street in Cork for all those Cork girls not near Douglas.
Check them out here on Facebook The Hair Bar

Edel xxx

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