Teeth Whitening: The White House Review!

Last week I got my teeth whitened in The White House on Penrose Wharf in Cork City. I am obsessed with teeth and was so excited to try out professional laser teeth whitening.
It is an easy fast and non invasive cosmetic treatment producing immediate results. The whitening gel is used in conjunction with the Advanced laser light accelerator to remove stains that have built up over years, in just 1hr!
Stains build up on our teeth over the years. Stains are caused by the likes of tea, coffee, wine, food, smoking etc and can be very hard to remove, so many people struggle with getting a bright white smile.
The full process took 1hr and was completely pain free. The cost for this 1hr session is €250.
At the beginning of the process the colour of my teeth were matched to a colour guide so I knew exactly what shade my teeth were before beginning the process.
The process began by placing the whitening  gel on the teeth and exposing it to the specifically tuned frequency of cold filtered blue light which turns the whitening gel into oxygen.
As this happens it allows the whitening gel to penetrate under the enamel to remove the stains from the dentine of the tooth. The process is done in 3  x20minute sessions. This restores the teeth back to their natural whiteness leaving them looking healthy, bright and naturally white.
The end result was that my teeth were 5 times whiter than before…amazing results in just 1hr!
The White House has locations nationwide, for more details or to find The White House near you see www.thewhitehouse.ie
Edel xxx




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