What’s your summer scent?

Is Italy your destination this summer? If not, than let The Body Shop take you on a sensory journey into the beauty of the Italian summer with the launch of their NEW Italian Summer Fig fragrance. Let’s be honest, there is no better time to fall in love with a new fragrance than summer so this is perfect timing for me!

Italian Summer Fig takes you on a scented journey that will delight your senses, ignite your memories and capture your imagination. The Body Shop has found a unique ingredient for their sophisticated new summer fragrance in the sun-drenched region of Puglia in southern Italy: figs.

The captivating aroma of figs is the centre of this fragrance, giving a naturally sweet aroma and its unique character and sophistication. To complete the fragrance, it is brought to life by an array of ingredients which combine to create a fine summer fragrance. There is a cool crispness in the top notes of fresh grape leaves, then there’s a delicate floral element at the heart, adding a touch of femininity with Tuscan Rose and in the base of the fragrance, the warm and addictive sensuality of amber and Oakwood. It’s the perfect sensory journey to take you beautifully through summer; delicate, yet rich in subtle aromas.


The Italian Summer Fig collection is uniquely packaged in a sophisticated monochrome print inspired by Tuscan fabric and the multifaceted glass bottle is one you’ll be proud to show off on your dresser. You can layer the sophisticated Italian Summer Fig fragrance for an aroma that lingers:


The NEW Italian Summer Fig is just one of the five fragrances from the Voyage collection but it is the only new addition. The rest of the collection itself is an exciting and updated fragrance collection that is on trend, feminine and desirable. As I mentioned the beautiful, redesigned multifaceted glass bottles are beautiful and they cleverly signify time zones across the globe. Each box incorporates a traditional design from its region which gives a fresh, modern spin reflecting on international style. Created by some of the world’s top perfumers, each fragrance is based around an authentic, traditional ingredient from some of the world’s most beautiful places.  

Indian Night Jasmine

This is my favourite from the Voyage collection. It is an opulent, warm ‘floriental’ fragrance that captures the essence of the Kashmir Mughal gardens at night, when the decadent jasmine flowers exhale their headiest scent.  

Japanese Cherry Blossom

This delicate fruity floral scent will instantly transport you to a spectacular Hanami scene (the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying flowers in full bloom) in an imaginary Tokyo garden. 

Atlas Mountain Rose

A dewy, spicy floral fragrance that will transport you instantly to the rose fields of the Moroccan Dades valley. 

Fijian Water Lotus

This is such an uplifting sparkling floral marine fragrance that will have you dreaming of the pure waters of Fiji.

What scent will you fall in love with this summer?
Donna x

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