Marissa Carter’s Tontouring goes Global!

Marissa Carter is one of my favourite people in the industry, she has achieved ( and is still achieving) phenomenal success with her brand Cocoa Brown (which I am a HUGE fan of) and she is still so down to earth, approachable and friendly. Now she is taking not only Ireland but the world by storm with her new tanning technique…Tontouring.

This week she rocked the beauty world and hit all the major international magazines, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Dailymail etc for her Tontouring Technique. This technique was developed by Marissa and involves ‘contouring’ your face with tan, using makeup brushes and different shades of tan to create dimensions and highlight different areas of your face…brilliant!

Celebrities have been fans of contouring for years so no doubt we will see Marissa’s tontouring technique catch on and become a favourite for celebs across the globe.

Speaking about celebs and Marissa’s her on-going success, she is now breaking the American market with celebrity fans as big as Kylie Jenner OMG!!

There is no stopping Marissa, #WonderWoman.
Follow Marissa on Instagram and Snapchat if you are not already @MarissaCarter…you will not be disappointed!
Edel xxx

Picture Source:, dailymail, instagram

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