Cheryl gets promoted by Simon Cowell

Well a big congratulations is in order for the Xfactor judge Cheryl Fernandez Versini as its been reported that Simon Cowell has promoted our favourite Geordie to “executive producer” to help with the new revamp of the Xfactor.

In a recent interview Cheryl said the following: 

“This year Simon wanted me more involved in the decision making. He wanted to know my ideas, what I thought, who I thought would be good” 

Simon also responded saying:
“It’s true. I naturally consult Cheryl more because she’s been working with me for a long time. She does have great instincts, I’ve got to hand it to her”

I think this will definitely help with the long running show as it needs some changes in order to keep their viewers and no better woman to help than Cheryl. 

Seems like these pair are well over their disagreements they had in the past and with these two running the show together I am sure we will be in for some great TV. 

Natalie xxxx

picture source: dailystar, cosmopolitian, irishmirror

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