No7 Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid


Anything that adds an illuminating effect or natural glow to my face (without looking like a disco ball) and I am delira! Well, let me tell you about my new found love… No.7 Skin Illuminator, Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid. This is mouthful of a name but we will forgive the lovely folk over at No. 7 as this is AMAZING!!
I started using No. 7, Skin Illuminator, Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid out about a month ago and being honest I didn’t have much faith as most radiance boosters clog my pores, cause break outs and in some cases made my foundation slide off after only a couple of hours.  But, this radiance booster really is a ‘beauty fluid’. It is now one of my must have beauty essential. No clogged pores, no breakouts, just long lasting dewy, illuminating skin.

The beauty fluid contains particles of iridescent shimmers that reflect the light giving your skin a beautiful healthy glow. Even on the longest of days when I felt my skin was dehydrated and dull, this beauty fluid gave it such a perk.

Apply a pea size amount of No. 7, Skin Illuminator, Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid after your moisturiser and before your foundation. If you are heading out for an occasion or you know there will be a camera flashing at you then be bold, apply a slightly larger amount.
The packaging comes with a handy brush but for full effect I prefer to apply the beauty fluid with the pads of my fingers. Pat it on, rather than heavy strokes as this may result in you actually whipping the product off. Give it a minute or two to settle before applying foundation. Be sure to clean off any access from the brush  so you don’t have product build up clogging it.
I avoid applying this to the delicate eye area as the skin here is very thin and sensitive. After all red, puffy and watery eyes really aren’t a glamorous look!
No. 7, Skin Illuminator, Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid is available on line here or in Boots for €14.25

Donna-Marie xx

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