Queen Bey Strips Down in a Steamy Lingerie Shoot

Beyonce has posed for a series of sexy shots for Flaunt Magazine. The 34-year-old singer appears on the front cover of the magazine in a nude bra with a pendant resting on her cleavage. Inside the magazine are some of her raciest photos ever. The stunning shots taken by Robin Harper showcase her famous curves in bikinis and underwear. She poses stripped down and floating in a pool and beside the water.

Queen Bey looks stunning with her long her long hair styled in a side plait, natural makeup and long manicured nails. One shot shows Beyonce in a nude bra, with high-waisted briefs and a long flowing white robe. 

In another shot the star is seen striking a pose seemingly defying gravity over a pool. She holds her plaited hair out to the side. 

Water is the main theme of the photoshoot, photographed by Robin Harper and styled by Zerina Akers. The stunning star poses in the pool in the nude bra flaunting her figure and perfect pout. 
Flaunt magazine has given Queen Bey another big title. In their article they call her the leader of their custom city CALIFUK. The magazine said; ‘There she sits, unwilling at the moment to invite distraction of the fundamental mission of her rule: to shape culture, to inspire the hip parade as well as the fringe, to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, to drop filthy, filthy tracks on this swelling, warring, cap-melting planet.’ Flaunt declared ‘We’ll watch Beyoncé. On stage, on her Instagram, in the form of rug-cutting, colorific phosphates behind our eyes as we sleep. And because she’s our CALIFUK queen supreme, we’ll conduct a brief, yet thought-stirring psycho-analytic exercise, conclusions of which we’ll allow you, the reader, you the citizen, the fan, to draw—following our cover star’s photo session poolside in Los Angeles,’

Beyonce lives up to her regal Queen Bey title and looks amazing in these shots. Looking at this last picture gives major eyebrow envy!
Louise xxx
Picture Source: Daily Mail

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