Salon Scrub at Home

There is no better feeling than smooth soft and supple skin but without a facial scrub remains rough skin… and a bed of dead skin! Remove those scales! I love a good facial scrub so it’s no secret that a chunk of my massive cosmetic collection harbour scrubs. Besides it’s autumn so time to shake up our skincare routine, rip the sun cream build up and prep for winter. But, there is one scrub I use every fortnight despite the weekly recommendation. It is on the pricy side but I’ve been using mine since June and still got loads left and I really feel it is so worth it.
PHILOSOPHY – Microdelivery Peel

This is my all-time favourite facial scrub and it means business! The Microdelivery is a two-step at home peel that dramatically rejuvenates the appearance of sun-damaged, hyper pigmented and aging skin. It has been on the radar for a while but has not received enough credit… maybe because of its price tag but I assure you it is worth it.


First Step involves massaging a tea spoon amount of the Vitamin C/Peptide resurfacing crystals onto the skin in small circular motions for 60 seconds to help remove the dead skin. Don’t scrub like a traditional face scrub, massage as if applying a face mask. If you have sensitive then use gentle patting motions to apply it. I have to say it has a lovely zesty, orange scent. Oh and remember to avoid the delicate eye area.

Second step involves the application a tea spoon amount of a gel containing lactic and salicylic on top of the crystal mask. But this acid is a gentle acid, suitable for at home use, so no horror thoughts please. As you gently pet the gel over the crystals you will feel a warming sensation as it activates and lathers into a thin white foam layer, this implies product activation. Leave for 2-3 minutes. You can massage for a further 2 minutes for extra exfoliating benefits but if you’ve got sensitive skin, I don’t advise this, just leave it settle.
And rinse!!
This is a weekly treatment that smooths and resurfaces skin to leave it bright and radiant with even skin tone. The boost of Vitamin C is a great source to help minimise the appearance of fine lines too. The brightening effect is evident almost instantly and skin is incredible soft… baby smooth face for sure! It retails at €75 and available online. Yes this is pricy for a face scrub but I promise you the closest thing to salon results! This offers 10 applications and after all, it works out cheaper than a salon scrub!
Soften the skin before scrubbing to aid it’s removal. A colleague of mine recommended massaging a few drops of facial oil onto the skin before tackling the dead skin removal and it actually works.
I think this really is well worth it but, do you think you would stretch to this length for salon feeling skin?  How deep would you go for skin smooth as baby bum!?
Donna-Marie xx

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