Get Kim Kardashians make up look!

We all want to look like Kim K but we are not all lucky enough to have our own personal make up artist so that why I’m here 🙂 
Okay,  before I start I’m not suggesting for one second that I look like her,  but I do like her make up. ( And would love her bank account! )  Its so wearable and can be toned down by not adding as much smoke through the eye.
So as you can see in this look she wears a heavy smokey eye, liner, lashes and a strong contour. And has amazing brown eyes. Damn you brown eyed people, able to wear every colour.  Her foundation is heavy also but when you have that much light flash and HD camera shots you need a good coverage ( not so you can run a trowl through it) but enough to cover. 

Right so my interpretation of her eyeshadow colour Is almost a gun metal grey and a smokey taupe brown underneath with a chocolate liner for the water line. And a black liner on top. I used MAC Gentle fume mixed with club all over the lid to the socket and malt ( matte) buffed into the socket to help blend the harshness.  I added none other than my L’Oréal superliner on the top lid with bare minerals espresso kajal in the water line. With a skinny smudge brush I used SigmaE45 I smudged MAC Satin taupe underneath for that blown out over smoked look.  And a few coats of Essence Get big lashes and none other than my Velour Doll Me Up falsies to finish.  For my foundation I added Urban Decays Naked Skin in shade 5.5 ( Thanks to the girls In Debenhams Mahon for that!)  All over with my beauty blender. 
Once that set I contoured with Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer, shade fair neutral and mixed MAC prep and prime highlighter in shade light boost, and for the darkness I used my Kevin Aucoin sensual skin enhancer.  And blended again with the beauty blender.  For the cheeks I used MAC margin blush to add dimension as Kim is all about structure to her make up and definition.  My lips are a mix of MAC subculture liner,  Charlotte Tilbury lippy in Nude Kate and MAC headliner gloss on top for final finish.  Majority of products can be bought in BTs or online. Essence can be bought in Mellerick Pharmacy Fermoy and trust me when I tell you that mascara,  it makes me weak at the volume and sure you wouldn’t buy a pint of milk for the price. Couldn’t leave it behind! Also the beauty blenders are available in Mellerick Pharmacy Fermoy so make sure to grab one of these babies quick as they sell like hotcakes and give the most amazing airbrushed foundation along with the best blending for contouring. 

Hope you all enjoyed the read.
Tell next time beauties. 
Niamh x


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