Some Halloween Inspiration

Well its that time of year again ladies ! Will you be making an effort to dress up for Halloween. I have some great make-up inspirations by the very talented Laura Boland. Having the right Halloween make-up is essential to make you look the part. Having a simple costume with creative make-up is brilliant. Check out a few ideas below…..But beware you maybe frightened!!!

How brilliant are they such detail in them and they look amazing. Definitely something I am thinking of doing this year. But the make-up and effects don’t just have to be about your face you can do some designs on other parts of your body check out some of the hand work also done by Laura Boland….
These are brilliant they look so real!! But its not only about us adults we have to think about the little people in our lives another talented make-up artist Danielle Gallagher has some great ideas for making your little ones turn from Angels to Demons with the use of make-up also.

How cool do they look! These are such good ideas for the little ones and it will make them stand out amongst everyone. Be careful they don’t get too frightened looking in the mirror. Also we have some little baby make-up ideas as we all know most baby’s don’t want any costumes near them so to get them involved some simple make-up again by Danielle Gallagher.Β 

How adorable are they and not as frightening as the previous ones. Danielle also has some adult make-up check out this brilliant transformation she done. It doesn’t even look like the same person! The power of make-up is brilliant!
Hopefully you have some ideas now for Halloween to make you stand out from everyone and scare a few people too!!!!!Β 
Natalie xx

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