Mades Haircare Review!

I had never heard of Mades Haircare before but was excited to try it
 I have naturally curly hair so decided to try out the CURLY WHIRLY ABSOLUTLY FRIZZ FREE spray. I absolutely loved it and it kept the curls in place all night, without any frizz and without that sticky feeling.
I often blow dry my hair straight so decided I would also try the WONDER VOLUME BODIFYING spray. I often find my hair looks flat when I blow dry it straight as I am used to a bit of volume with my curls so was dying to try this to see if it did help add or hold some volume. I was really impressed with the way it helped hold the volume. I did backcomb my hair a lot but usually as the day goes on the volume drops, it definitely lasted a lot longer with the spray.
I was really impressed with the two products I tried and even more impressed with the price, all the range is less than €9.00. The full range includes shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, detangling, sprays, energising sprays to name a few and they are every bit as good a salon products.
The Mades haircare range is available in selected pharmacies nationwide.
Edel xxx   

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