Luxury Beauty for Sensitive Skin – DECLARÉ

I am a  sucker for anything within the cosmetic industry but from time to time one product that might be a fellow bloggers Holy Grail might be my skin’s worst nightmare. Every skin is different and every skin must be treated with individual love and care. That’s why when I discovered Declaré, a beauty collection for sensitive skin I was very intrigued. 

Swiss beauty brand, Declaré was established in the 1970’s and was the first skincare line formulated exclusively for sensitive skin with the brand’s creator Karl J Troll is still very much involved in the company today. Declaré apply constant innovation based on scientific research and remains true to its original 30 year old mission of creating luxury skincare products for sensitive skin that are ‘more than skin-deep’! The brand has evolved to offer a comprehensive range of high quality, highly effective nourishing skin products, specifically tailored to a variety of sensitive skin conditions. 


While this whole range is soothing and calming and designed specifically for sensitive, I have my faves from the Declaré brand:

De-Stress Spray

This alcohol-free facial spray gives a wonderful feeling of freshness and thanks to it’s valuable minerals, quickly soothes irritated, sensitive skin. This can even be sprayed onto the eyelids ans used over your make-up for a burst of freshness throughout the day.

Facial Mask

This amazing mask is packed with Aloe Vera, Camomile, Avocado Oil, Kaolin to soothes and re-balance sensitive skin and quickly relieves tightness. It reduces redness in sensitive skin by offering a burst of cooling hydration. It doesn’t just stop there, it prohibits inflammation for 24 hours after application. RRP €29.95

Dermalift Cream
This innovative anti-wrinkle cream has an active effect in many ways; It regenerates the support structure and cousins the skin from inside out  – for a noticeably younger and smoother looking skin. Iris Root extract regenerates the collagen and elastic fibers for healthy plump skin. highly active Vitamin A stimulates the cellular layers to smooth and refine the skin on the surface. with all this moisture and protection, the skin barriers are reinforced  for a gentle treatment.  RRP €39.95

Bi-Phase Sensitive Eye Make-up Remover

A 2-phase lotion removes all types of eye make-up thoroughly and gently without irritating or drying out the eyes. It is free from alcohol, emulsifiers and tensides which are key ingredients to flare up sensitive eyes. Suitable and contact lens wearers too. RRP €19.95


The Luxury Gift Set, costing €69.95 contains 100ml Eau de Declare; 200ml Gentle Shower Cream and 200ml Bodycream.
The Power Duo Set, which costs €64.95 contains Power Duo Oil and Serum (full size) & 100ml Gentle Cleansing Gel.

The ProYouthing Set contains ProYouthing Moisturiser Rich 50ml and 100ml Gentle Cleansing Gel, RRP €59.95.

Declare’s Caviar Set, is luxury in a box and contains: Declare Caviar Perfection 200ml Body Butter and Caviar Perfection Immediate Effect Firming Mask 75ml, RRP €135.00

The Anti Irritation Set contains Anti Irritation Serum 50ml and Skin Soothing Moisturiser 100ml and Firming Eye Cream 15ml and costs €129.95

Declare’s Bodycare Set contains 400ml Shower Gel and 50ml Handcream and costs €17.95.

Packaging-wise Declaré looks a bit like Lancôme, and the brand name may be confused with Decléor, although the Paris manufactured skincare range is a completely separate brand and company to Declaré Switzerland.Declaré is widely available in pharmacies nationwide.

Will you be indulging in some skin TLC with Declaré this festive season?

Donna-Marie xx

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