Longer locks with Mane n’ Tail

Who doesn’t love big, bunchy, voluminous hair? I certainly do! Even though my hair is very fine and loaded with bleach, I am lucky to have a healthy mop of hair. But, it always gets to a certain length and despite all the advice of having regular trims, treatments etc it just stops growing. As much as I loved extensions, I got fed up of them, they were just too high maintenance for me. So I turned to the many products and supplements available on the market to promote longer, stronger, healthier hair and put them to the test.

For the past year now I have been consistent with one of the many products that was making a visable difference and I love it. Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner has been a god send for my locks! I have seen a dramatic difference in my hair and that was after just a few weeks or regular use. My hair is fuller, thicker, healthy and so much longer. I was a bit sceptical in the beginning and thought it would be another one of those fad products, but I was wrong! I do try to mix up my hair care every time I wash my hair but I always use Mane ‘n Tail, even if it’s just for my second shampoo.

Mane n’ Tail shampoo was originally created over 40 years to promote fuller, stronger, flowing manes on show horses, yes horses, but people discovered this long hair solution for themselves.  It is formulated with high cleansing agents and a micro-enriched protein formula to nourish and fortify dry, damaged or treated hair, from root to tip, leaving stronger, silky, healthy looking hair without stripping natural oils. It gently cleanses, leaves hair shiny, silky and healthy looking.

It is safe for relaxed, permed, colour or chemically treated hair so it won’t strip your colour. The formula is silicone free so it’s not too heavy for fine hair but suits oily and sensitive scalps too. 

Oh I must mention… it is NOT tested on animals and you can actually use this on animals too!


I recently was invited to a Mane ‘n Tail event in the fab venus House in Dublin hosted by Gilleece Communications. We were greated with a champagne reception and yummy finger food. We were also given a persoanl consultation to find the right shampoo & conditioner for us. I was thrilled to be gifted with a few bottles of the amazing retro and oh so amazing product… I’ll be sure to keep my locks growing for awile with thanks to Mane ‘n Tail!

The fabulous celebrity hair stylist Tori Keane was also on hand demonstrating a number of easy to achieve hair styles including the “pony-tail to curls” look and two beautiful French braid up styles (I’ll attempt both looks and share my results with you!).

Mane ‘n Tail is available to buy online here and in most chemists throughout Ireland. Just to give you plenty of options, you can buy online from Boots too here. The RRP is €6.95 but give or take a few cent from chemist to chemist. 
See the full Mane ‘n Tail collection here.
Will you be sporting longer locks in a few weeks with thanks to Mane ‘n Tail?

Donna-Marie xx

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tori Keane says:

    What a great post Donna, so informative! I hope you enjoy your Mane n' Tail as much as I do… Will you please tag me in your photos when you try my hairstyles, I'd love to see them.


    It was lovely to see you lastnight hopefully we'll see eachother again soon.
    -Tori x.


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