Ydentik Cork Blogger Evening!

On November 7th I got an invite to an exclusive Cork Blogger event in Ydentik Perfume Bar. It was a great night as me and my fellow bloggers got to try out all the different perfumes that were available and chose our fav to take home πŸ™‚

Ydentik Perfume Bar Concept opened it’s doors at 35 Princes Street almost 1 year ago and is going from strength to strength with an ever growing loyal clientele.Β 

Β This
original, unique and very attractive concept is revolutionizing the world of perfume – At the bar which serves perfume, you pay only for the perfume and not for marketing campaigns!

Β Ydentik sellsΒ low cost, Β high quality, long lasting, Β ladies and gents perfumes, similar to leading brands,(but up to 70% cheaper!).Β 

Prices are set at  €14.99 for 35ml;  €18.99 for 55ml; and  €29.99 for 105ml. Refills from €13.Β 
Ydentik also sells a selection of candles, Home Reed Diffusers, Car perfumes, Scented Wardrobe Ceramics , and Kids Perfumes 0% alcohol, 0% Colourant 0%Preservatives

Make sure to check it out this Xmas πŸ™‚

Edel xxx

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