Ronan Keating In New Wartime Drama Another Mother’s Son

Ronan Keating wears a vintage ensemble while filming TV series Another Mother’s Son in Wells, Somerset. The singer is showing off his acting skills in the new British wartime drama which is based on a true story. Ronan is pictured gazing into the distance while clutching a package in one hand and the other in his pocket. He wears typical clothes from the era, a brown fedora, a longer overcoat and a scarf. The outfit is completed by a pair of woollen grey tourers and brown shoes. I have to say he looks every bit the part.

 The TV drama is based on a true story which tells the tale of Jersey woman Louise Gould. Louise looked after and hid a Russian POW during the conflict. The British Council of Film says that this story develops ‘amid growing tension as it became clear that British wartime leader Winston Churchill would not risk an assault to re-capture the island and the community began to fray under pressures of hunger, occupation and divided loyalty.

Other actors appearing in the star-studded drama include John Hannah, Jenny Seagrove and Amanda Abbington.  The ex Boyzone singer n secured his first lead acting role in the 2013 musical Goddess. In 2014 he was cast cast as Guy in hit West End musical Once which finished in March 2015. The singer previously auditioned for a role in the global blockbuster The Hobbit but was unsuccessful. His only other appearance on the big screen came as Postman Pat’s singing voice in Postman Pat: The Movie. 

This new series look like it’s going to be a good one! What do you think?

Louise xxx
Source: Daily Mail 

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