Splurge or Save: Foundation

Christmas has come and gone and the majority of us are dieting, reevaluating our lives and broke!! So we find ourselves trying to justify if we really need to splurge or simply can’t afford it! Well, fear not, I’ve a series of ‘Splurge or Save’ beauty posts coming up.

This week I’m looking at a Splurge or Save which is a massive part of our makeup collection. After layering up over Christmas, January shows the end of the foundation bottle for most. So here’s my foundation save recommendation!

I’ve been an Estée Lauder Double Wear girl for 12 years, it’s always been the foundation I turn to if I want a long lasting, full coverage foundation but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried RIMMEL Lasting Finish Foundation. Available in 7 different shades, it offers full coverage that isn’t drying on the skin, thanks to the added comfort serum. Both are transfer and fade proof and I can personally vouch here! Due to my oily skin I do have a tendency to have a shiny t-zone after a few hours so I opted to use a loose translucent powder too and that really does hold back the dreaded shine.

RIMMEL Lasting Finish Foundation also contains an SPF 20 which gets a massive applause from me as Double Wear only contains SPF 10. And yes, even in Ireland we should be wearing an SPF every day! I also love that RIMMEL Lasting Finish doesn’t sit in the fine lines either which if it did would only promote them to look like wrinkles which is what I found Double Wear did if my skin was in any way dry or dehydrated! It actually lasts all day long and for me that’s 6am till after 9pm!


Double Wear €38*

RIMMEL Lasting Finish €9.99*
(€7.99 on offer in Boots for a limited period of time)

I don’t think I need to make any comment here, the figures scream for themselves!

While I will always be sure to have a stock of Double Wear (my first love!), I opt for my RIMMEL every day. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I actually opted for Double Wear over my RIMMEL!


If your not a fan of full coverage foundation and would prefer a medium coverage then I recommend you try RIMMEL Lasting Finish Foundation in Medium coverage…. the one with the white lid! This will still give you the all day lasting power and also contains SPF 20.
What will you choose to do… Splurge or Save? Would love to hear if you’ve tried either foundation too so please, feel free to share your comments below!

Donna-Marie xx

*Prices taken from Boots.ie

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