Hello Miss Skinny!

So the majority of us over did it at Christmas and now that January is here we’re trying our best to get back on track and work off all the extra holiday weight.

I decided I needed a kick start start and a push, so got my hands on Miss Skinny Fit Tea. I had heard some great reports about it about this Irish Brand and was dying to try it.

Miss Fit Skinny Tea is Ireland’s ‘Teatox’. This is a 100%, laxative free, natural product that uses the best possible ingredients to support your body and mind. The special blend of nine botanicals work together to burn fat, increase metabolism, prevent sugar cravings, reduce bloating, boost energy and make your skin glow!

Miss Fit Skinny Tea contains no sweeteners, additives or hidden nasties like Senna Leaf or other laxatives which interfere with the Contraceptive Pill. So what’s inside? Only the most potent and effective herbs that have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine: Lotus Leaf, Garcinia Combogia, Pu’Erh Leaf, Sencha Green Tea, Goji berries, Rhubarb Root, Lemongrass, Fennel and Chamomile.

For 14 days you are asked to substitute your regular tea or coffee for Miss Fit Skinny Tea. I am a tea addict anyway so had hoped this ‘teatox’ would be easy for me to follow, and I was right. The tea tastes really good ( unlike many other detox teas) and so its so easy to swap your normal tea cups to cups of Miss Skinny Fit Tea.

After a week I noticed a difference, I was less bloated and felt great. After the 14 days I had a much flatter stomach and had banished all the bad food cravings. I found this detox really easy to do unlike other detoxs I’ve tried and and found the detox to be really really effective  ( obviously combined with healthy eating and exercise) Definitely a teatox I would recommend 🙂

The 14 day detox is €24.99, buy here ar www.missfitskinnytea.ie

Edel xxx

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