Splurge or Save: Brightening Balm

Nothing like a beautiful glowing perfection to brighten your day right? But, sometimes our skin needs a little pick me up and in my opinion, thank goodness for beauty brightening balms!

I have so many beauty balms and illuminating creams with my all time favourite being Clarins ‘Beauty Flash Balm’. That was until I was introduced to Botanics ‘All Bright Radiance Balm’.

Both of these have an instant brightening effect on complexion giving an instant radiant glow. They brighten, hydrate and leave skin glowing while reducing the appearance of fatigue and stress.
These are excellent as primers and I use Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm daily before applying foundation. I find they are best used after moisturising but before applying foundation for a glowing base but can be worn without makeup to leave skin feeling with an instant illuminating effect.
The difference? The price!
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm €36.00*
Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm €5.33*
So which will you opt for, splurge or save? Have you tried either? Would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and comments below.
Donna-Marie xx
*Prices fromΒ Boots.ie

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