Gold Fever Hair Extensions Review!

I have been struck down with Gold Fever!!! Unless you have been in hibernation for the last year then you would have undoubtedly heard about Gold Fever Hair Extensions.
Celebrities around the world have gone crazy for them, including Kimberly Walsh, Cheryl Fernandez Versini, Georgia Sapla (now Georgia Penna), Danielle Lloyd, Rosanna Davison, Roz Purcell to name a few.
I tried out Great Length Hair extensions a few months ago and loved them, check out my review here Great Lengths Review. But after hearing and seeing so many great reviews for Gold Fever I was dying to try them and out and see what the difference was and which ones would suit me best. ( I am getting married next year so want to make sure I have the perfect hair for the big day).
Gold Fever is an exclusive new premium hair extensions brand brought to you by Katie-Jane Gold, the latest generation of the Gold Family. Through her experience over the last few years and having watched her brother David Gold, Pioneer of the modern hair extension industry, personally design, develop and implement almost all of the manufacturing & technology based breakthroughs and developments seen in the industry over the course of the last two decades, Katie-Jane felt compelled to resume her family’s Tradition of a lifelong commitment to excellence in hair. With their new modernised & exclusive business model which eliminates the middle man – Gold Fever ensures their prices are the most competitive in the premium hair extension market!
The reason for this veritable Gold rush and excitement amongst hair extension devotees is that Gold Fever is completely unique in the industry. It is the only company in the world that has full ownership of its own supply chain, from sourcing to processing and delivery of the final product. Gold Fever has personal oversight of every aspect of the products creation allowing them to guarantee that their hair is the best ethically sourced hair on the planet. The new Gold Fever Protein Tips ™ also bring hair extension technology to the next level so the quality is, without doubt, beyond comparison. 
I made an appointment with Origin Hair Design in Cork on Drawbridge Street ( in the city centre, my first consultation was with Patrick who talked me through the lengths, colours etc. Gold Fever have a range of colours and can exactly match your hair colour by mixing packets etc. The length of the extensions vary depending on what look you want, after chatting with Patrick I decided to go with was 16inches/40cm, so that I would have added length and volume. Patrick was great and really understood exactly what I was looking for.
A week later I made an appointment to get them in, Patrick was unavailable so I made an appointment with Sinead, who is also an expert when it comes to Gold Fever.
Sinead applied a full head ( 5 packets) in order to get the look I wanted, we mixed 3 different packets in order to get a perfect colour match for my hair. The application process took just over 3 hours and Sinead was great explaining everything to me as we went along and giving me top tips on how to maintain and get the most out of my extensions.
I was so delighted with result, there is huge difference in the volume and length of my hair and yet it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing extensions. Unlike other extensions there was no ‘heavy’ feeling.
I couldn’t stop ‘swishing’ my hair all evening and got loads of people contacting me about them the min I posted a pic on social media.

I am so impressed with them! I will keep you updated with how I get on over the next few months and how I find them compared to Great Lengths. 

For further details see
Youtube: GoldFeverHair
Twitter: @goldfeverhair
Instagram: @goldfeverhair
Edel xxx 



I made an appointment in Origin

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