Brow Transformation…Let the journey begin!

As you know by now I am obsessed with brows, I think they really shape a persons face and can give someone a instant face-lift.

A few years ago I got my brows done while travelling and they completely got rid of my shape, left me with two extremely thin lines. I was devastated. Since then I am really really picky about where I get my brows done.

That was a few years ago now and ever since I’ve been trying to get my brows back in shape. I have grown them back quite a lot although, I was still not happy with the shape….until now!

I got in contact with The Brow Artist owner Lorna Farrelly. You may have heard of her or The Brow Artist  ( based in Ranelagh) before as they are huge in the industry and  Lorna recently won the Image Business of Beauty Award for Best Brow Artist. They also have a long list of celebrity clients including Rosanna Davison and Louise Johnston

I was SO happy when Lorna said she would help me with my brows ahead of my wedding, she really is the best in the business and I trust her 100%. I know my wedding is over a year and a half away but we needed to begin the brow journey soon as it can take quite awhile.

I let my brows grow until I met with Lorna so she would be able to see what my brows are really like. When I sat down with her I explained what happened to me while travelling and we discussed my brows in detail. She explained what was wrong with my shape, (didn’t suit my face shape), what I needed to do and how she was going to help me 🙂  we also discussed the idea of semi permanent brows, something we will revisit in 6 months or so after we see how my brows behave and shape over the next while.

After an hour with Lorna, laying back while she worked her magic on my brows. I sat up and was blown away and beyond delighted with my new brows, I finally had the shape I always wanted. However, this shape was only a temporary fix, it will take awhile ( and lots of regrowth) to get my brows in the shape I need.

I cannot recommend Lorna and The Brow Artist team enough, the whole team are trained to the highest standards. Lorna explained that all the staff are trained from scratch and all have a background in art which makes them different and puts them ahead of the rest.

So now I have begun my brow journey I will be going back to Lorna regularly so she can make sure I am all set for my big day 🙂 will keep you posted on the journey as I go along.

Any brides to be out there if you are not happy with your brows, one piece of advice from Lorna is begin as early as possible to get them right for your wedding day, it can take a few months or more to train your brows back into the right shape.

I have asked Lorna to send me on her top brow tips too…so watch this space.

Edel xxx

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