Cocoa Brown Self Tan Back Applicator

It’s no secret that I am a tan lover, but only the fake kind. But there’s one place that is almost impossible to tan… your back! Who else twirls, twists and turns like an eejit trying to apply fake tan to their back? Or has to ask the other half and risk a streaky back of tan? Well no more! This is thanks to #GirlBoss Marissa Carter. She has launched a Cocoa Brown Self Tan Back Applicator.


This marvelous beauty tool is designed to apply tan to your back which is undoubted the hardest place to tan. The extendable beauty applicator is fitted with padding which allows even tan application across your back and shoulders for streak free tan… music to my ears! This means the palms of your hands stay stain free too. Marissa, you are a genius!
This beauty tool is certainly a must have. It is available now, for €7.99 in pharmacies nationwide.
Will you be a back tan goddess or reckon your other half’s tanning skills are equip enough?
Donna-Marie x


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