bBold Tan Review!


If you follow @TheBeautyDial on Snapchat than you will know I have been trying out bBold Smart  Mousse tan for the last few weeks. If you are not following @TheBeautyDial on Snapchat then you are missing out 🙂

The bBold Smart Mousse is now a favourite of mine when it comes to fake tan and the application couldn’t be easier. 
It has three simple steps; Apply, Shower, Develop.  Providing instant colour on application bBold smart mousse continues to develop even after you have showered, allowing you to feel completely fresh whilst still becoming beautifully bronzed.
Allow 1 hour before showering for a softly sunkissed colour, 2 hours for a golden glow and 3 hours to be bronzed and beautiful. I went for the 3 hour option as I like a dark tan and was very impressed, the tan was dark yet not too dark. I would apply a second layer to my legs for a night out as although it is dark, I always like my legs to be that little shade darker.

bBold mousse tan after 3 hrs
I was very impressed with this tan it left a rich dark golden colour that was in no way orange or ‘fake’ looking. The 1 hour option, for me, was perfect for my face ( a lot of people ask me to recommend face tans and find it hard to find one that will give a nice colour and wont be too dark – this tan after one hour is perfect I feel, for my skin tone anyway).

bBold mousse tan on face after 1 hr


In addition the the amazing golden colour, the moose contains Aloe Vera extracts which help tone, protect and moisturise your skin, Vitamin E which can assist in improving skin texture and help reduce signs of premature ageing, and Kahai Oil for long lasting hydration.
The bbold range also contains an instant ‘flawless legs’ tan, which I am dying to try as if its half as good as the moose, it will be fab 🙂
The bBold Smart Mousse is €14.95 and is now available in selected pharmacies nationwide.
Edel xxx

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