Has Liam Payne Bought A Diamond Ring For Cheryl?

Cheryl recently attended Liam Payne’s sister wedding and has apparently won over his family. The Daily Star have reported that their relationship has gone from strength to strength and that Liam even bought Cheryl a diamond ring for her 33rd birthday. They described the ring as a black diamond nestled in a bed or rubies which was inspired by her rose tattoo which she has on her bottom.
Cheryl attended Liam’s sister Ruth’s wedding earlier this month. Apparently his parents Karen and Geoff took a strong liking to Cheryl. Cheryl wore a loose grey dressed and looked very happy to be attending the wedding. Reveal Magazine said: ‘Cheryl has completely won them (Liam’s parents) over, and now they’re both convinced she could be The One that Liam could finally settle down with.Karen is now convinced Cheryl is the perfect candidate to be Liam’s wife.’
According to Reveal, Liam’s sister Ruth was heard joking with the couple on her wedding day: ‘You’ll be next.’ The couple confirmed their romance back in February and have since been pictured together looking very happy on a number of occasions
Louise xxx
Source: Daily Mail, The Daily Star, Reveal Magazine


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