Gold Fever Hair Extensions 3 months on!

Three months on and I’ve only fallen deeper in love with Gold Fever Hair extensions. If you haven’t heard I’m currently trying to sort out my hair before I get married next year so I decided to try Gold Fever hair extensions ( see first impressions here Gold Fever Hair Extensions Review ) as I had heard such great reviews about them.
Three months, they are still as perfect as they were in day one. None have fallen out and the shine is still amazing. I recently got them cut as my own hair had grown a good two inches in the last few months and low and behold they were as perfect as they were when I walked out of Origin Hair Design Cork in March. 
Although they are rather pricey they are well worth it as they look and feel so natural. You can colour your hair the same as normal with them in and once you follow all the recommendations from your hairdresser re aftercare, they can last up to 6 months.
For further details see
Youtube: GoldFeverHair
Twitter: @goldfeverhair
Instagram: @goldfeverhair
Edel xxx

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