Laser Hair Removal…What to expect!

When laser hair removal first came out, years and years ago I was one of the guinea pigs who tried it and O My God did it hurt….however nowadays its a completely different story.
I recently started laser hair removal treatments with Advanced Laser Light who have clinics in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Advanced Laser Light is Irelands leading laser and skincare clinic with  over 16 years experience.
I started my course of treatments just over two weeks ago with the lovely Amanda who explained the whole process to me and really put me at ease. She is a true expert in her field and answered all my questions.
At the first session I didn’t know what to expect and had thought it would be quite sore but Amanda assured me a lot has changed since the last time I got laser hair removal and that although it may sting a little it would not be sore.
She was so right it was nothing like the last time, there is a bit of a pinch and the area does get a little hot but its not too bad at all, no where near as painful as waxing in my opinion. I am getting the bikini and full legs area done and although the bikini was a little uncomfortable the legs were completely painless, to the point where I barley felt at thing…amazing.
It is something I would 100% recommend to everyone if you are a candidate for it ( not everyone is suitable for it, i.e fair hair will not work with laser) as although it does seem a little expensive at first it will save you money in the long run when you think of all the money you spend on waxing, threading etc
Depending on the person, you will normally require a course of 8 treatments and Advanced Laser Light also offer free check ups in between to really make sure it is working and no areas are missed. After the 8 weeks ( some people may require slightly more or less sessions) all your hair should be gone and you will only have to have a top up once a year.
For anyone interested in getting laser hair removal I highly recommend Advanced Laser light, I have been nothing but impressed so far.
I have only completed my first session but as always I will keep you updated on the process 🙂
Advanced Laser Light are offering all Beauty Dial readers 20% off all laser hair removal in any of their clinics, all you have to do is mention that you are a Beauty Dial reader and voila you will get your 20% discount 🙂
See for further details and details on all the other treatments they offer including teeth whitening, tattoo removal, collagen treatments and much more.
Edel xxx

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