Get bright eyes with Ziaja

Got tired eyes? Are they in need of a youthful boost? Reach for Ziaja Goat’s Milk Eye Cream. This is a NEW addition to the Ziaja Goat’s Milk range which I am already a fan of.
The eye area is the most wrinkle prone area and usually the first to show signs of aging. Because it is so delicate, normal face creams can only aid the aging process rather that help slow it down that’s why it is so important to choose an eye cream with a light consistence. Heavy creams tend to weight down the skin around the eye area causing unwanted puffiness too.
Ziaja Goats Milk Eye Cream (€6.49 / 50ml) is a multi-action treatment cream that has been specially formulated to revive the soft area of skin underneath and around the eye, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles to firm, brighten and nourish. This is an everyday and very affordable anti-aging solution to protect and treat the signs of ageing around the eye area.  The eye cream delivers a surge of moisture and a nourishing boost of goat’s milk complex which is rich in proteins, organic acids, lipids, carbohydrates and vitamins A and D – to give eyes an immediate skin-smoothing pick-me-up.
But don’t expect miracles from the first go. As with all good cosmetics, give it a week or so of regular use both morning & night. But, I promise you will see the benefits that will continue to improve with regular use over time.
How to use:

Apply Ziaja Goats Milk Eye Creamalong the brow and follow the eye socket under the eye. Work inwards using a gentle patting motion so as not to drag the delicate skin. Use your ring finer to pat as this will prohibit too much pressure on the delicate area. Allow the product to sink in for a burst of hydration.
Where to find:

You can purchase all Ziaja products online here, Sam McCauleys pharmacies and independent pharmacies nationwide.
Will you be opting for this eye brightening beauty?
Donna-Marie xx

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