Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil Vs Rose Gold Goddess Oil!

So  at this stage everyone knows I am a HUGE Cocoa Brown fan. Marissa Carter keeps surpassing herself when it comes to new high quality products that take hold of beauty lovers everywhere.

For me one of her star products is the Cocoa Brown Dry Body Oil. When she released Golden Goddess the Gold shimmer body oil, we instantly fell in love and thought there is no way she could top this…that was of course until she introduced us to the limited edition Rose Gold Goddess Oil!

So whats the difference? Well for me its hard to decide which one I like better, it’s simply a matter of taste whether you prefer a rose gold or a golden gold when it comes to shimmer.

For me, even though its a tough choice I am leaning toward the Rose Gold Goddess Dry Oil. It is fantastic and perfect to use as a highlighter on your face, add shimmer to your legs or use across your collar bones to highlight them and make them glisten in the light.

Once rubbed in, the shimmer in both products becomes more subtle and leaves skin feeling soft and looking radiant ( hard to tell just on my hands when in a photo, but it really does leave a subtle glow)


Depending on your skin tone, one may suit you more than the other, though for me both are definitely worth having in your make up collection, and at just €11.95, there’s no excuse not too 😉

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil and Rose Gold Goddess OIl is available from Penneys, Boots, Dunnes, Tesco, Heatons, 97% of Irish pharmacies nationwide and online via & The Cocoa Brown range starts at €4.99

Edel xxx

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