My Favourite Hair-care Products!

With so many hair products out there it’s almost impossible to know what ones are the best and which will suit your hair, so I’ve put together some of my top picks and what they are best used for ๐Ÿ™‚

Pureology is one of my favorites and is perfect for those you who like me have extensions in as its sulphate free. The brand Pureology is recommended by hairdressers and used in many salons which proves it is one of the best around for luscious locks. The brand has many different products and ranges available depending on what hair type you have. At the moment I am using the ‘Hydrate’ range and love it, I am also a big fab of the ‘Pure Volume’, ‘Curl Complete’ and ‘Super Smooth’.
One of the star products from the range is the Pureology Colour Fanatic Mask (โ‚ฌ30.00), its a deep conditioning masks that provides 21 essential benefits to coloured hair. Available from selected salons nationwide.
Kรฉrastase is one of the most famous and for me one of the best hair care brands around. A little expensive but totally worth it as there is not one of their products I dislike. Some of my faves at teh moment are below:

The Kรฉrastase Lโ€™Incroyable Blowdry (โ‚ฌ25.00) is perfect for making your blowdry last longer. It is a reshapeable heat lotion that provides optimal shapeability and infinite options to reposition without reapplying, all with no stiffness.

The Kรฉrastase curl range helps unruley curly hair leaving controlled bouncy curls with no stickness.ย It also helps define and shape curls.ย I have naturally curly hair that could do with some help now and again and have found this range superb.ย 
Matrixโ€™s Oil Wonders Volume Roseย rangeย (โ‚ฌ12-โ‚ฌ15)
The new Oil Wonders Volume Rose is the first oil range to target fine hair and offer lightweight volumising results for clients who may have shied away from oils in the past. Offering a unique backwash proposition, the Oil Wonders Volume Rose range includes a Pre-shampoo Oil which strengthens and prepares hair to help deliver volumising results that women with fine hair can seldom achieve, I have very fine hair so this range has been a life saver. Applied to wet hair before shampooing, this innovative self-emulsifying oil, attaches only to damaged areas of hair to ensure zero weight. It is non-greasy and rinses with ease, preparing the hairโ€™s canvas for gentle cleansing with Oil Wonders Volume Rose Shampoo and finally, the lightweight nourishment of Oil Wonders Volume Rose Conditioner.
Sugar Shine from Biolage (โ‚ฌ13-โ‚ฌ18)
Traditionally the formula for shine products has relied on oil or silicone-based formulas which can add weight and lead to build-up. Inspired by skincare, this professional shine collection offers a new silicone-free approach that harnesses the power of sugar in a new and unique backwash format. Formulated with water-soluble sugar crystals that you can see and feel, the Biolage Sugarshine Polishing Hair Scrub is a pre-shampoo treatment that works directly on the hair to scrub away impurities and nourish with humectants to create natural shine. It draws upon the natural exfoliation properties of sugar to scrub, condition and polish the hair. This process gently removes impurities to create a smooth reflective surface on dull hair and is suitable for use on dry, damaged hair.
Redken Hair Volumne ranges ( โ‚ฌ17- โ‚ฌ23)

Redken, have discovered that volume means different things to different women. For many women, big hair is all about root lift and extra height, while for others; the desire is thicker lengths with beachy texture therefore have created two new volume ranges, using unique professional blends, that will help women to finally achieve the type of volume they have always wanted. The ranges are High Rise Volume and Beach Envy Volume – love these ranges as for me the bigger the better when it come to hair and I am always looking for extra lift and height!

Mythic Oil Collection (โ‚ฌ12-โ‚ฌ22)
Following the successful launch of the original Lโ€™Orรฉal Professionnel Mythic Oil in 2011, theย lightweight, instantly absorbed formula has gone on to become a best seller with women world-wideย gaining celebrity and renowned session stylist fans along the way.
2016 saw the exciting launch of the full decadent Mythic Oil Collection incorporating innovative newย ways to indulge your hair in one of beauties most luxurious haircare experiences. Using a variation ofย eleven natural oils, each one of the products is designed to leave hair beautifully nourished, smoothย and illuminated with a satin shine finish.
Mythic Oil reaches out to the needs of all hair types with anย ultra-lightweight oil formula suitable for fine hair and velvety textured, rich oils for thicker hair, eachย created with the most premium oil combinations.
ย The Mythic Oil phenomenon continues to evolve alongside the beauty needs of women all over theย world. This exciting oil range now includes a first to market feather light Dry Touch Conditioner withย Sunflower and Orange Oil for a daily moisture refresh alongside an assemble of sensorial haircareย treatments that leave hair wrapped in pure luxury.
Milkshake Haircare
Milk Shake is a brand that I only recently discovered thanks to The Salon Shopย
The range leaves hair looking and feelingย incrediblyย soft and smooth andย smellingย delicious.
This brand has a huge collection of products and has won numerous awards. Perfect for distressed or damaged hair.

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