Semi Permanent Brows – Review


I finally bit the bullet and plucked up the courage to get the semi-permanent brows.

So for all you ladies out there who are considering getting them done but are too scared (like I was) to do it just in case it goes wrong, or you don’t like the shape and are stuck with them for two years (OMG!) I am here to tell you all about my whole experience and why I would 100% recommend getting them done πŸ™‚

I have been going to to Lorna in The Brow Artist for awhile now and would recommend her to everyone and anyone. When it comes to brows she is the best, and has won loads of awards just to prove it.

Lorna had been trying for awhile to get my brows back in shape Β (with the 3-4 weeks brows) as due to years of plucking and bad waxing the shape in my brows had completely gone. I have always had quite thick brows but totally ruined the shape over the years. As a result Lorna recommended I get semi-permanent brows to get the perfect shape that will last.

I had never considered it as I always thought it was more for people who had very little or very sparse brows however this is not the case, instead its for people who want a more permanent and manageable brow.

We discussed the process and Lorna assured me I was in good hands and would not be disappointed, so I finally built up the courage and went for it.



The process took about 45min-1hr to complete and wasn’t sore at all (To be fair I had built it up to be so painful so was very pleasantly surprised), it felt a little tender but that was it.

Before Lorna began the semi permanent “tatooing”of the brows she applied a numbing lotion so this may have helped me feel very little and actually remain quite relaxed through the whole process.

After the treatment I was expecting to be startled when I saw myself in the mirror but was pleasantly surprised. Although the brows were very dark it wasn’t as bad as I had built it up in my head.



Lorna gave me a Antiseptic Vaseline type gel to put on the brows regularly for the next few days in order to avoid any infection etc. I cleaned the brows daily with salt and water and applied the gel two or three times a day.

When I woke up the next day I was surprised at how much the brows had gone down in just over 12hours.


For day two, three and four I noticed little change which I had to admit made me a little panicked that my brows were going to be this dark forever…


However when I woke up on day four they had gone down a huge amount. Lorna had advised me this would happen bit of course I still had a mini heart attack haha.



Over the next few days the brows got lighter and lighter ( to the point where I did a complete u-turn and was hoping they wouldn’t get any lighter).

I was thrilled with the shape and colour of my brows, I couldn’t be happier with what Lorna did. Now over a month later I don’t know why I didn’t get them done sooner. I never have to fill in my brows, every now and then I have to pluck some stray hairs but apart from that my brows are constantly done πŸ™‚

One month on ( with nothing on brows)Β 


The cost of the semi-permanent brows are €650 which I know sounds a lot but when you think of it that’s your brows done for 18-24 months.

There are cheaper places out there however I would recommend Lorna 100% and honestly its such a big deal that I would rather pay the little bit extra and get it done with the best in the business.

SeeΒ The Brow Artist on FacebookΒ for further details or enquiries.

Edel xxx


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  1. aletheatrnt says:

    your brows loook amazing!!!😌 πŸ’•


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