Looking for a quick way to lose a few pounds?

image-2-2Everyone is always looking for a quick fix to lose weight and now we have one 🙂 Last month I featured the Mimi Mi Body wraps on the RTE Today Show and the response what HUGE so thought I would do a more in depth review to tell you exactly what it is like, what the treatment involves and what results you can expect.

MiniMi is a non-invasive body wrap treatment designed to offer you a more sculptured body with lasting results. MiniMi targets those difficult areas of the body, such as abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

I got the treatment done in So Hair and Beauty  on Coals Quay in Cork by the lovely Sharon, who talked me through the process and answered all my questions.

When I arrived I was brought into this gorgeous relaxing treatment room ( below) and the treatment began with a body scrub removing all dead skin and revitalizing the skin.


MiniMi oil was then massaged into the body and I was wrapped a clear MiniMi membrane. Sharon then tucked me in under a heat-retaining foil blanket for 60 minutes to allow the oil to penetrate the skin and target the fat cells, it was so relaxing and I dozed off happily.

After the 60 minutes the foil blanket and clear membrane were removed and my measurements were taken, I was blown away when Sharon confirmed my before and after measurements, overall I lost over 6inchs in just over and hour and by doing absolutely nothing, just lying down and relaxing. I weighted myself when I returned home and I was also down 3 pounds, how amazing, talk about a quick fix.


In general they have seen reductions of up to a whole dress size after just one treatment. However, the amount of inch loss varies from client to client depending on factors such as your body mass and your metabolism. Further inch loss may be seen in the days following your treatment.

Following the treatment my skin also felt and looked so much better, the ingredients in the oil helps aid the appearance of cellulite and left my skin super soft and radiant.

The Mini Mi Wraps are the perfect quick fix or kick start for a healthier new you, the treatment punctures the fat cells meaning they shrivel up and cant reform meaning the weight loss is lasting ( i.e new fat cells would have to be created in order for you to put back on the inches you lose).

This is something I think that is perfect for Brides to be, as it enables you to lose weight and also gives you some relaxation time. I know its definitely something I am going to do in the lead up to my wedding next year.

The Mini Mi Wraps are from The Beauty School Ireland, check them out for further treatments and information or to find out where you can get the Mini Mi Wraps done. They are available in selected salons nationwide, to find your nearest salon email info@thebeautyschool.co.uk

Price: €55 price per treatment 

 Website: www.minimiwraps.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThebeautyschoolIreland

Edel xxx


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