A Honest Review of POCO Jeans

I am huge fan of Pippa O’Connor so when I heard she was launching her own  range of jeans I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair…or three pairs ha ha.

I went for The Saturday Nights, The Slimmers and The Leather look jeans and since I got them I have been inundated with questions from people asking me about them and whether I would recommend them so here is an honest review of the ones I got.

The Saturday Nights Jeans €110.00 (Get them here www.pocobypippa.com)


I wore them on the RTE Today show and got so many people asking where I got them.

Out of the three pairs of POCOs I got, The Saturday Nights were 3rd on my list as I thought the shading on them would make them a bit to casual for going out on a Saturday night however when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised that the shading is a lot more subtle then I expected and in a lot of photos the shading doesn’t show up at all.



These jeans are SO comfortable and I have got so much wear out of them since I got them. The quality in the material is fantastic and they are super soft. They are very stretchy too so if you were between sizes definitely go for the smaller size. These started out as my 3rd favourite when I was ordering them but have jumped to the top spot.

The Slimmer  Jeans €110.00 (Get them here www.pocobypippa.com)


The Slimmer jeans are one of the best sellers in the collection and were top of my list. I had really high expectations for these and I wasn’t disappointed. The quality of these jeans are again fantastic and super soft.  They lift you up and pull you in in all the right places.

I was asked a few times are they worth the money and I know they are a little expensive but I do think they are worth it as I live in jeans and I honestly think quality jeans are a must have.

These jeans are definitely high quality and are up there and even better than some of the high end jeans out there. There are some high street store jeans that I love and look just as good as the POCOS however a lot of the high street brand jeans tend to lose their shape when you wash them and therefore need to be replaced quite often. The POCO jeans are investment pieces that don’t lose their shape and are designed and made to last.




The super stretch material in The Slimmers gives a really good shape and I love the colour of them as they can be worn going out with heels or more casual with runners.

The Leather Look €90.00   (Get them here www.pocobypippa.com)




You cant go wrong with a pair of leather look trousers, they will be your best friend season after season and worth every penny if you get a decent pair that will last you.

The POCO leather look jeans are gorgeous however they obviously are a different material to the jeans and therefore don’t have the same softness or stretch in them meaning they are a little tighter and less forgiving then the other jeans in the collection.

The POCO leather look jeans are jet black which I love and perfect for any night out, I absolutely love them and if you were looking for one pair to get you through the party season I would definitely recommend these 🙂

So yes the POCO range is not cheap however you really are getting what you pay for and you are investing in pieces that will last. I would totally recommend these to anyone, especially anyone like me who lives in jeans.

I cant wait for Pippa to add to the collection 🙂

Edel xxx


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