Home and Away Real Life Couples

We all grew up watching Home and Away and even today its one of the most watched soaps. The Aussie drama is a firm favourite among Irish viewers and we all have our favourite characters.

Known for its steamy scenes and dramatic love triangles it seems the love affairs don’t always stay on the small screen with many of the actors falling for each other off set too.

Check out some of the Home and Away Real Life couples!

Demi Harmen (Sasha) and Alec Snow (Matt) – still together


Steve Peacock ( Brax) and Bridgette Sneddon (Sophie) – Married in 2015


Rebecca Breeds (Ruby) and Luke Mitchell (Romeo) – Married in 2014


Lincoln Lewis (Geoff)  and Rhiannon Fish ( April) – Split in 2012 


Samara Weaving ( Indie) and Axle Whitehead (Liam) (only dated for a short time)


Beau Brady ( Noah) and Bec Hewitt ( Hayley) – were engaged at once staged but split in the early noughties)


Chris Hemsworth ( Kym) and Isabel Lucas ( Tasha) – Split in 2006


Conrad Coleby (Roman) Esther Anderson ( Charlie) – Split in 2010


Edel xxx





Picture Sources: Gaye Gerard, dailymail

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