Skin TLC with Skin Essentials – Say goodbye to dull, tired and dry skin!


I recently featured Skin Essentials on the RTE Today Show and it got a huge response as it seems we are all in the same both after the Christmas period, our skin is dry, tired, dehydrated and dull looking. 

The products I featured on the show were the two products in the Winter Skin Kit, The Winter Skin Kit  (€110) is a duo of deep moisture boosting products Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost Serum and Skin Comfort Cream.

Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost Serum 30ml €55

The Skin Essentials by Mariga hyaluronic acid serum offering follows our usual pattern of being a multi-tasking product! Not just an excellent intensive dehydrator using hyaluronic acid at a premium concentration for skin saturation to boost dull, dehydrated and sluggish skin, it also contains collagen peptides for anti-ageing. Unlike many hyaluronic acid serums on the market, it is formulated to sit well under your moisturising cream and will not ‘ball up’. Can be used as an everyday serum as a first step into anti ageing serums by anyone late twenties on, or as a seasonal boost for a few weeks on skin that has temporarily become dehydrated due to weather or lifestyle.

Skin Comfort Cream 120ml €65

Skin Comfort Cream is a powerhouse of a moisturiser for normal to dry skin types. Our special formulation provides deep, progressive moisturising ability in a non-greasy formula that sits very well under makeup and never leaves a shine. In a base of beautifully blended natural plant oils such as avocado seed, jojoba seed and pomegranate which supply the varied essential fatty acids necessary to skin cell health, we have added vitamin E for healing, hyaluronic acid for regeneration and plumping, multiple anti-oxidants for cell repair and our special plant sterols blend for deep ongoing moisturising and anti-redness action. Use day and/or night after chosen serum. Apply SPF on top during the day.

Designed to be suitable for all skin types who are experiencing some dehydration, drying, flakiness or tightness due to winter weather, central heating and dull, stressed-out post-Christmas skin. Apply one pump of Hyaluronic+ Moisture Boost to clean, damp skin followed by an application of Skin Comfort Cream morning and evening.

Skin Essentials is  Wexfords only dedicated skin clinic. All of the therapists are highly educated in Skin Science, Cosmetic Chemistry and Diagnostic Skin Analysis. The products are 100% perfume and sulphate free and fit into their strict ‘benefits only’ ingredients policy. All ingredients used are in the optimal percentages for skin cell benefit so there are No ‘label value’ dusting of actives here.

For more information on the range or to get your hands on the Winter Duo Kit see


Edel xxx




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